Marcasite is one of the finest types of gemstones. It has been known to be used as a piece of jewelry throughout ancient times. Incas are believed to be the first known civilization to introduce marcasite jewelry in their culture.

This is the reason marcasite stone has been called the Stone of Incas for a very long time. They used to wear marcasite jewelry and brooch in their daily lives. Wholesale Jewelry.

Archeologists have discovered a very heavy amount of marcasite jewelry while studying the burial places of the Incas civilization. BEST MARCASITE BROOCH

BEST MARCASITE BROOCH Their people were buried along with the marcasite jewelry because it is believed that this stone brings good luck.





What is a marcasite brooch?

Marcasite brooch is made up of brass-like metallic stone termed pyrite. It is considered more valuable as compared to other gemstones because of its beauty and elegance.

The popularity of marcasite jewelry including brooches dates back to the 17th century and it was considered a status symbol among both men and women.

In the 18th century, during the Victorian era, the use of marcasite brooch as a fashion became popular. BEST MARCASITE BROOCH

Victoria, the Queen of Britain owned much precious jewelry like diamonds, gold, and marcasite as well. Diamonds being too expensive were out of reach for most people, marcasite gained more attention and, the use of marcasite brooch skyrocketed.

Marcasite brooch is made in various shapes and sizes, most commonly being the shape of flowers, animals, and crowns. Marcasite brooches are worn by both men and women to tie attires or simply on their clothes to make them look more graceful and elegant. Wholesale Silver Jewelry.

These are a few tips on how to find the best marcasite brooch


When you’re looking to buy a marcasite brooch for yourself or to give someone special as a gift, the first and most important thing is to find genuine marcasite.

There are plenty of materials that are very similar to marcasite just like glass and other metals, this makes it very difficult for someone to differentiate between fake and authentic marcasite stone. BEST MARCASITE BROOCH

Many stores are selling fake marcasite jewelry made up of glass. This is very wise to choose some trusted retailer so that there are no chances of you ending up buying something which is not genuine.



Traditionally, marcasite brooch has been always made and designed by hand with minimal or no use of designing machines. BEST MARCASITE BROOCH

Being one of the precious and elegant pieces of art, it should be handled with care and detailed work is required during the manufacturing process. Involving present-day technology can mask the real beauty of marcasite jewelry.

Thus, when looking for marcasite brooches, one should always prefer one, which is made by a professional craftsman who has relevant experience and knowledge of handling the material. A handmade marcasite brooch is more beautiful and durable.


Marcasite is a very delicate type of gemstone and it can get damaged very easily. Brooch which is made and put on display is usually kept with other materials.

Because this stone is very fine, it gets scratched when it comes in contact with other heavy metals or certain chemicals. BEST MARCASITE BROOCH

So, this is very important to take a close look at the article you are thinking of buying to look for any damage or scratch because with time this can fade away the beauty of your brooch.

Another important thing is to get your receipt of purchase so that if you need to get something fixed after buying, you can get back to the same retailer.

BEST MARCASITE BROOCH This is very helpful and you will be able to get your jewelry repaired with the same hands with care and caution.



As mentioned earlier marcasite stone is very delicate and one of the most expensive jewelry. When you are buying the marcasite brooch, you can miss smaller details and there are chances that you buy some brooch that is already damaged or has a scratch.

Therefore this is wiser to buy from a retailer who can give you a warranty. This will save your money and give you mental peace, because in case of any small damages that you may not have noticed while shopping can be reported and it will be fixed by the store where you had purchased the item.


Although marcasite is an expensive and elegant stone and any shape or color you choose to buy and wear will look decent on you and will make your attire look finer and more beautiful.

But marcasite stones which are darker in colors for instance green or blue color are more appealing and striking. These colors tend to be more durable and are less prone to fade with time. BEST MARCASITE BROOCH

BEST MARCASITE BROOCH By choosing a darker color not only will your clothes look more beautiful but you will be able to use your brooch for a longer time without the need for polish or repairs.


BEST MARCASITE BROOCH It has been mentioned before that this is not a great idea to buy your brooch from display because of the possibility of scratches caused by other materials. Jewelry manufacturer.

It is wise to go for your personalized marcasite brooch which will assure you the safety of your brooch and the custom-made brooch will be exclusively yours and different from usual designs and shapes.



Marcasite jewelry is the best choice for people who like vintage stuff. Because of its historical importance and use by royalty, this is an antique art and everyone wants to own it, But this is an expensive possession, and no one wants to damage it by mishandling it.

So, if someone wants to keep using it for a long time without any damage, they should take care of it. it is important to keep your brooch in a separate place away from any other material or jewelry. BEST MARCASITE BROOCH

Marcasite brooch should be cleaned thoroughly before and after use. If you want to clean it with water, wash it under clean running water and rub it with a lint-free piece of cloth but remember not to over-wet your stone.

No powerful detergents or soaps should be used because they can cause damage to the stone.
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