How To Clean Jewelry At Home? A Do it Yourself Instruction Guide

Clean Jewelry At Home

How To Clean Jewelry At Home


Is Your Jewelry In Need Of Some Proper Cleaning?

Jewelry is an integral part of fashion. It completes the ‘Look’ so to say. Men and women alike collect the pieces of accessories that take their fancy and put them in safekeeping until they want to wear them. The problem with continuous wear or just storing the jewelry away is that it subject to tarnish and ruin. This is not acceptable! After all our jewelry must always be in top condition otherwise, there is no point in wearing it. So either take it to the professional or clean your jewelry at home.


Go To The Professional Or Do It Yourself? 

The best advice you could ever get for cleaning your jewelry is to take it to the professional every other month. Although this is the best thing you could do, it is not always possible. Taking the time out to gather up all your jewelry, drive down to the shop and then wait a week or two until everything is cleaned. The time consumption is quite a lot not to mention the expense. So why not make life easier for yourself and just clean the jewelry at home? Cleaning jewelry at home would lead to less expense and less time consumption as well. Plus this could be you ‘me time.’ You could put on songs and just focus on cleaning.

Tips And Tricks For Cleaning Jewelry At Home 

Here are some lovely tips and tricks that you could use to clean jewelry at home. They are easy to do and have startlingly good results.


  • Warm Water And Dish Detergent

You would be amazed by what a little warm water and dish detergent can accomplish. Clean Jewelry At Home This mixture works well for both silver and gold jewelry. All you need to do is bring some water up to boil in a non-reactive bowl, and then add a glop full of dish detergent into it. Gently place your jewelry inside the solution for a little bit.

After 2 or 3 minutes take the jewelry out and scrub it clean with either a cotton swab or a very soft toothbrush. Pat the jewelry dry with a non-abrasive cloth and you’re done!


clean jewelry at home 


  • Baking Soda Hack

Next on the list of ways, you could effectively Clean Jewelry At Home is the baking soda hack. All you have to do is get water up to boil in a non-reactive bowl that has been wrapped in aluminum foil. Put a tablespoon of baking soda in the water and see it bubble up. Once the mixture has bubbled up place your jewelry in the bowl and make sure it touches the aluminum foil. This is important. After 5 minutes take the jewelry out with a pair of tongs so that you don’t hurt your hands.

Let the jewelry rest for a little bit and then pat it dry with a non-abrasive cloth and some clear water. After this just pat the jewelry dry again with a cotton cloth. 


clean jewelry at home

  • The Ketchup Hack

It has been found that ketchup has quite a lot of redeeming qualities. Clean Jewelry At Home Other than of course it is a delicious condiment used on hot dogs, fries and burgers. You can use Ketchup to clean jewelry as well.

Are you confused? Do you think we’re crazy? The question in your mind is probably that how on earth could Ketchup be used to clean jewelry at home? Well, the answer is simple, in the genetic makeup of Ketchup some qualities make it an excellent cleaning material. All you have to do is take a bit of ketchup and then scrub your jewelry with it via a soft toothbrush. Scrub carefully and gently and then wash the jewelry with warm water. Pat dry with a non-abrasive cloth. This is definitely one of the easier to clean jewelry at home


Clean Jewelry At Home

  • Ammonia And Dish Soap With A Side Of Water

Take a diluted version of ammonia solvent, add it to a mixture of dish soap and hot water. Clean Jewelry At Home Mix it well. Use some latex gloves and pick up a soft toothbrush to gently clean your jewelry in the water for 2 to 3 minutes. After you are done, take the jewelry out and as always pat it dry with a non-abrasive cotton cloth. This particular technique works well with silver, gold and platinum jewelry.

It can also be used with jewelry that has gemstones on it. But if gemstones are in play with your jewelry be sure that they are off the kind that does not react negatively to Ammonia. 


Clean Jewelry At Home

  • Anti Bacterial Jewelry Cleaner

Last but certainly not least in our list of ways on how to clean jewelry at home is via an anti-bacterial jewelry cleanser. All you have to do is search for the perfect anti-bacterial solution that is non-reactive and will not do harm. Once you have this cleanser in your possession your work will be a thousand times easier. All you have to do is take a little glob of the jewelry cleanser on a toothbrush or a cotton swab and go about scrubbing it in.

This cleanser will steadily remove the tarnish and any stains that might be on your jewelry easily. 

Try These Hacks Yourself And You Will See The Magic In Them 

The above-written hacks are one of the top ways to Clean Jewelry At Home. They are tried and tested methods that will never steer you wrong. So go ahead and try anyone or maybe even all of them.

Cleaning your jewelry at home will not be a hassle for you anymore. This coupled with the added benefit of not going to a professional will make you want to ‘Whoopee.’ Just make sure that you have the right products with you and you’re all set to clean your jewelry at home.

 You can even teach these methods to others and make their life easier as well. After all, good ideas must be shared so that everyone can benefit.



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