5 Easy steps to make sure clean silver necklaces survives

5 Easy steps to make sure clean silver necklaces survives

Clean silver necklaces your collection keeps on growing

5 Easy steps to make sure clean silver necklaces survives

If you are someone like me, then chances are that at some point in your life you found out that you have an unexplainable attraction towards silver jewelry like clean silver necklaces, rings, pendants, or earrings. Your collection keeps on growing because of the new designs rolling out each day which you can not help but buy because of how much you love them. If so, then I am

sure that the thought of cleaning them and keeping them safe has gone through your mind. Worry no more, because here are a few tips and tricks to follow that will help your clean silver necklaces and other jewelry survive for the longest time.


Knowing what to buy

5 Easy steps to make sure clean silver necklaces survives

Buying any sort of silver jewelry is a big responsibility because you do not want to end up with something that might not match well with your personality or with your outfit.

Moreover, equally as important is to see what kind or grade of silver your clean silver necklace is made from. Silver has ratings that tell about how much pure silver is present in a certain alloy. If your clean silver necklaces have a rating of.925 then it means that it made of strong quality as a result of which it requires less work to keep it safe making it longer lasting compared to any clean silver necklace which might have a rating of.

950 which, even though it has more pure silver in it, wholesale ring , requires more care as it is more susceptible to be damaged soon. So knowing what rating of jewelry to buy plays a predominant role.


Proper storage

Another crucial part of having everlasting silver jewelry is completely depending on how you store it. You went for a night out with your partner wearing your best clean silver necklace but after coming home you just leave it at the counter and not store it properly. This will result in old and dull-looking jewelry. Your sensitive possessions can get oxidized easily and you might lose your precious clean silver necklace forever. Proper storing techniques for all your costly jewelry are very cheap and simple. Invest in some easily affordable anti-tarnish air sealed bags and store your items separately in each one of them instead of just leaving them in your purse or outside. Make sure to also unhook it and not store them all jumbled up to avoid any scratching that rubbing might cause.


For some extra protection of your clean silver necklace, throw in a small bag of silica gel as it will just be another safety barrier that will help your jewelry survive for the longest time.

Clean silver necklaces



Almost every electrical equipment or any machinery needs monthly or weekly maintenance to keep them going for as long as possible. In the same manner, you need to look after your dear and valuable jewelry to always keep them shining and glowing.

to feel embarrassed in front of others when they see you wearing your favorite item of jewelry which is unfortunately covered with dust mud and making it look filthy and grimy. Maintenance of any jewelry is very undemanding and can be done in just a few minutes. Cleaner silver necklaces A little bit of love and care to your clean silver necklace will make it survive a lot more in the harsh surrounding environment. Additionally, it will also keep its delicacy and keep it simmering for a longer time. There are several silver cleaning agents available in the market that can do the job; however, if you want you can even make your own DIY cleaning solutions that work as effectively as others. All you need to do is to just soak the jewelry in the solution for a couple of minutes and then gently give it a rubdown with a soft microfiber towel and for robust dirt marks, jewelry manufacturer ,  just use a soft toothbrush to gently scrape off any impurities that might be present on the surface. This simple yet highly effective technique will leave you to worry-free about wearing dirty looking jewelry ever again.


Knowing what to avoid

The secret to the longer surviving clean silver necklace and other jewelry is not by just buying expensive items thinking that they will be better quality so better lasting but it is by taking care and more importantly by taking good precautionary measures. There are a number of things that you should avoid when you are trying to have a piece of everlasting jewelry. Firstly, make sure that you do not get your clean silver necklace anywhere close to moisture; therefore, avoid wearing your precious jewelry in rain, into the pool, while showering to while taking a bath. นาฬิกาผู้หญิง Secondly, always take off your jewelry when doing any household work like washing the dishes or gardening or cleaning or cooking as it might get wet which will lead to corrosiveness. plain silver rings Thirdly, whenever you are getting ready, make sure to put on makeup, perfume, and lotion first and let it dry completely and then put on your shiny clean silver necklace to avoid any contamination because of alcohol or cause any moisture. Following these simple techniques will not only save your invaluable jewelry from rust but also maintain its original shine and shape.


Professional care

There can be a few times when you tried all the options of cleaning and maintaining but failed to succeed and these are the cases in which you should not think twice about seeking professional help. Many jewelers offer services to make the clean silver necklace look brand new again and even offer a guarantee of a period of time with a money-back guarantee. 

Jewelry is and always will be one of the main focus of attraction on a person so you would want it to keep its original glow and shimmer for as long as possible and all of the above-mentioned steps are very easy to follow and they will prolong the beauty of your jewelry making it everlasting and beautiful like it used to be when brand new.