Best Wholesale Marcasite Earring Ultimate guide


Marcasite earrings are an accessory that has a very unique look and is loved by many women. Earring Ultimate The one who wears it looks elegant and glamorous.

If you want to know more about this product, continue reading this article. Earring Ultimate Here you will find useful information regarding

marcasite jewelry in general, as well as the best marcasite earrings available on the market today. Earring Ultimate

Best Wholesale Marcasite Earring Ultimate guide

Earring Ultimate

Marcasite History Information

In truth, the word “marcasite” was originally derived from an Arabic term that means “precious stone.” This jewel has been popular for over a thousand years. Wholesale Jewelry.

Earring Ultimate It became even more appreciated during Victorian times when it was discovered that people could produce fake copies of these jewels without much effort.

Marcasite Earrings Design

When it comes to the design of these earrings, there are several options you can choose from, depending on your preferences and style. Earring Ultimate

For example, you can get them in a hoop shape or a more simple stud form. Some may also come attached to small chains that have pendants and other similar items attached to them. Wholesale Silver Jewelry.

No matter what type of design you go for, make sure they match the rest of your makeup and jewelry. Earring Ultimate

They will look right if they match the rest of your accessories (necklace and bracelet matching earrings).

These earrings usually feature polished silver wires that are perfect for wearing with formal attire and informal outfits like jeans.

Earring Ultimate As is the case with most earrings, marcasite earrings are not meant to be worn with casual clothing. Jewelry manufacturer.

Besides, you should always choose a pair of earrings that fits your face and hairstyle well in order for them to look classy and elegant.

Earring Ultimate

Marcasite Color Information

So far, you have seen some basic information regarding marcasite earrings. Now it is time to learn about their colors, Earring Ultimate

as this information is an important one because it will help you pick out a good pair that has the color you like best when making a purchase.

Generally speaking, these earrings feature a dark metallic grey color which makes them perfect for wearing with formal outfits but not so much for wearing during informal occasions.

The darker tones they usually come in make them a good match for silver and gold earrings. Earring Ultimate If you want, you can also wear them with some of your favorite bracelets or necklaces.

It is crucial to remember that because these earrings feature grey hues, they will not be a good choice if you are looking for jewelry that has more colorful tones. This does not mean that the colors these earrings come in have no variety, though.

Some people like their marcasite jewel to have some color as well, and they use this one as an alternative for diamonds since it features all the same qualities and characteristics.

You can choose from green marcasite jewel, yellow or pink ones too but since these two colors are quite rare, expect to pay a little bit more for a pair like this.

To learn more about these earrings, continue reading below, and you will find out how they were created and where they are found nowadays.

Where to Get Marcasite Earring

Earring Ultimate Since marcasite jewel has been popular for centuries now, it can be found in many places around the globe.

There are some online stores that sell this specific type of jewelry as well as some local all over the world. Earring Ultimate

You should know that there is a big difference between natural and synthetic marcasites, so make sure you understand which one you choose before making a purchase.

To help you select an authentic stone or to see if the one you picked out is indeed real, here are some helpful tips

Earring Ultimate

Tips on How to Know if your Marcasite Earring is a Real One

If you are not sure whether the marcasite earrings that you have in mind or that you plan on getting soon are real, Earring Ultimate

here are some simple ways to find out: Make sure there is no wear and tear on the stone. Natural ones should never fade when exposed to light (sunlight included),

so they look pristine all the time. Synthetic marcasites can be damaged by sunlight just like any other synthetic product, but they will last for a longer period of time than usual.

Another way to tell whether a piece of jewelry features natural or synthetic materials is if it has discoloration spots under direct sunlight.

If the color fades away, it would be an indicator that it is made of synthetic material. Earring Ultimate Look at the edges of the earring and see if there are gaps between them and the rest of the stone.

These gaps will indicate fake marcasite from a real one since natural ones do not have any kind of space in between their corners, sides, or edges. Earring Ultimate

If you take a look at your jewelry piece under sunlight, you should be able to tell whether it features natural materials or not already,

but if you still want to know for sure, here are some other ways: Take your jewel off and use soap on it.

Earring Ultimate If this damages the surface of your earring, then it is probably made out of synthetic marcasite material. Rub salt all over your marcasite earrings.

If it is real, you will see that the stain goes away once you clean your earrings with soap. To test even further, use a sharp object to scratch your jewelry, and if there are no visible traces on it, then it features natural marcasite materials.

Earring Ultimate

How to Take Care of Your Marcasite Earring

Since the right care for your marcasite jewelry has a direct impact on its lifespan, here are some tips to help you take care of them properly: Wipe them off after each use with a soft cloth or an old t-shirt works too.

This will remove any debris like dirt, dust, or makeup residue from them, so they look as good as new always. Earring Ultimate

Earring Ultimate Once in a while, be sure to wash your earrings (do not use soap that is too strong since this can alter the natural color of the stone) and then wipe them with a soft cloth.

As you are selling these Marcasite Earrings to your customers, ensure to teach them all the tips you have learned here. Earring Ultimate

This means you’re adding value and not just selling jewelry pieces to them. Through this, they will always want to buy from you.

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