5 Fabulous Wholesale Silver Necklace Style Tips


The Silver Necklace is one of the biggest fashion trends of this year. There are many types of silver necklaces on the market today. Fabulous Wholesale

With such variety, Wholesale Jewelry, it is important that you know how to wear a silver necklace correctly for you to look great and remain fashionable at all times. Wholesale Silver Necklace

Fabulous Wholesale This article will be your guide on the dos and don’ts when wearing silver necklaces so that you would become more aware of your style statement.

As a Wholesaler, this article is a must-read for you, as you should not only be able to sell the Silver Necklace to your customers, Fabulous Wholesale

but you should also have the capacity to give them some style tips on wearing the necklace. Wholesale Silver Necklace

Necklaces can be traced back more than 4,000 years ago when people started adorning themselves with beads, shells, buttons, and jewelry made from precious stones like gold, pearls, Wholesale Silver Jewelry, and diamond.

The ancient Egyptians were one of the first known civilizations who believed that necklaces were a symbol of wealth and power. Fabulous Wholesale

During the time, only kings and queens would wear necklaces. Other people would be executed for even wearing a fake piece of jewelry. Wholesale Silver Necklace

It was only during the industrial revolution when large quantities of silver were used in fashion design that necklaces became common among non-royalty individuals.

Before this, most women wore simple hair clips to secure their long-curled hairstyles together with beautiful flowers or diamonds set on combs as ornamental hair accessories.

However, it wasn’t until the Renaissance period, when women started wearing heart-shaped gold brooches from Italy that depicted two lovers locked in an embrace, Jewelry manufacturers, that men started paying more attention to their women.

Fast forward 200 years and men started wearing their own necklaces by the 1930s only to produce a modern form of jewelry for both sexes during the 1900s. Fabulous Wholesale

5  Silver Necklace Style Tips

Fabulous Wholesale

How To Wear a Silver Necklace?

Wearing a silver necklace is easy once you get used to it, but like anything else, Fabulous Wholesale there are some simple rules that must be followed if you want to look good while wearing one.

Fabulous Wholesale Below are 5 that you must take into consideration before rocking this piece of jewelry; Wholesale Silver Necklace

The Length of a Chain Should Go Past Your Breasts For A Flattering Look.

The length of a silver necklace will depend on your preference but make sure that it does not go past the cleavage area, especially for those who are blessed with large breasts.

This would draw attention away from your face and to the jewelry, making you look more unattractive than beautiful.

It is best if the length of the chain was smaller instead of long because many people wear their hair in different lengths, Fabulous Wholesale

making you lose focus on where exactly your hair begins and ends. Fabulous Wholesale For example, wearing a longer chain can make people think that you have short bangs when you really don’t. Wholesale Silver Necklace

For A Sleek and Sexy Look, Wear Silver Necklaces That Are About Two Inches Longer Than Your Shirt’s Collar.

This rule is attributed to the era of Queen Elizabeth when she became known as the queen of hearts.

Her love for long necklaces added significance to this rule and encouraged many other women to wear long chains because it made them feel more confident about themselves with a greater sense of allure.  Fabulous Wholesale

Fabulous Wholesale

If You Like Showing Off Your Chest, Then Wear A Necklace That Is Longer Than Your Shirt’s Collar.

Showing off your chest does not mean going overboard because you can still look sexy without showing too much skin.

Fabulous Wholesale If you wish to flaunt your cleavage, then go ahead and show it off with confidence by wearing a silver necklace

that goes at least two inches past your shirt’s collar or anything above it except on the cleavage area. Fabulous Wholesale

The Width Of A Chain Should Be In Proportion To Your Body Build.

This does not mean that you should only wear necklaces that are wide if you have a big body because there were many Fabulous Wholesale

Fabulous Wholesale women who made the wrong choice and looked odd when they wore two different kinds of chains at random just to fit their looks.

You can still use a silver necklace with a small width if you wish but make sure that it matches your body type. Wholesale Silver Necklace. Fabulous Wholesale

For example, those with thin builds should not wear thick chain designs because this breaks the rule of proportion which ultimately makes them look funny in most cases.

The Link Size Should Not Alter Your Overall Appearance. Fabulous Wholesale If you want to attract attention, then let it be focused on your face and not on your

necklace because this will make people wonder what it is that you are hiding underneath if they have to look at the jewelry instead of your face. Fabulous Wholesale

Fabulous Wholesale

It’s Not All About Gold And Silver; You Can Never Go Wrong With A Design That Matches Your Style.

Fabulous Wholesale No matter how pretty a silver necklace looks, you should never wear one just because everyone else does.

This means that you should choose a necklace design that best matches your personal style and the clothes that you intend to wear while doing away with any misfits for a natural-looking appeal. Some popular designs include the following

A long chain is usually worn with formal dresses or high-waist pants, making this design appropriate for almost all women no matter what their age is.

A choker necklace is a must-have for all women who do not like to show off their cleavage, but this design can also be worn with casual attire because it goes with almost every outfit, and even if the same material is used,

the overall impact of the pieces usually stay at par as long as they have different designs and dimensions are being utilized. Fabulous Wholesale

There you have it, on today’s blog post. You should know that these tips have been tested by top-level models, and they work, so it’s not just a fiction of the imagination. 


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