From the magnificent temples of Thailand to the streets of Bangkok that flood with tourists yearly, Thailand doesn’t fail to impress. More than just being a tourist destination, Thailand is the place to be if you are looking for quality gemstones and jewelry making at affordable prices. Thailand is the place to go for your quality gemstones and jewelry.

The craftsmanship of Thai is unrivaled. Not only do they make jewelry, but they also live it. Gemstones and designing jewelry have been part of Thai culture for hundreds of years. Go down the streets of Bangkok, and you are likely to see both men and women looking awesome in jewelry. Jewelry might as well be in their blood.

The Southeast Asia region where Thailand is found is blessed in natural sources of gemstones like sapphire, rubies like the world-famous “Siamese ruby,” second only to the rare Burmese rubies in color garnets and pearls. Thailand itself has the world’s largest natural silver reserves. In 2019, it delivered 50,000 metric tons of silver. Not surprising, Thailand is the world’s largest supplier of silver, contributing 23% to the world market.

What this means for you is that only will you have qualified materials, you would get them at cheaper rates. Because most of the materials are sourced in Thailand. You don’t have to worry about import duties. I’m you choose to manufacture your jewelry with skilled Thai craftsmen, you wouldn’t; you would be disappointed by delays or having or running out of stocks. They are known for their efficiency. This keeps both you and your customers happy. Now you get while Thailand is called the “Land of Smiles.”

The jewelry manufacturing market is booming in Thailand is actual. Gold mine. You cannot go wrong with Thailand in buying gemstones and manufacturing jewelry. Thailand is the place to buy your gemstones and manufacture your jewelry. Here are several more reasons to convince you.



Thailand Has History and tradition In GEMSTONEs AND Jewelry Making.

Quality gemstones and jewelry have been a distinction of Thailand for centuries. In the Royal Palace, for instance, the art of jewelry making has been taught for the last two hundred years, from generation to generation. It is held sacred. Rubies, sapphires or garnets, and silver, Thai manufacturers make them into world-class jewelry. Jewelry making for them becomes something higher—art. Bangkok is called the gemstone capital of the world and with good reason. Every grade of gemstones can be found there: precious stones, semi-precious stones. Imitations and synthetics.

Annually, they hold several fairs to showcase their wonderful jewelry. The Bangkok Gem &Jewelry Fair (BGJF), for instance, is so world-renowned that it attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. Many of whom are interested in buying or selling jewelry. Thailand may even be considered a paradise for jewelry.


As jewelry making is a cultural thing affecting all, including the government, policies in favor of this industry which produces much of Thailand’s exports, have been made. For instance, Thailand’s government grants duty exemption and tax benefits for many materials used in jewelry, as it sees gemstones and jewelry manufacturing as very beneficial to the economy. And with good reason. The general revenue created by the jewelry industry in Thailand amounts to almost a billion baht, employing more than a million workers!

The Commerce Department of Thailand said that the jewelry trade in Thailand is lucrative, that in 2015 alone, it exported jewelry worth 371 billion BTN across the world.
Currently, in Thailand, you would find over twelve thousand in the small business model, making a beautiful market that will continue to develop, encouraging more to invest in the market.

Thailand Is Not Limited in Designs


Not only those gemstones and jewelry making in Thailand are cheap, but they also offer you great designs. No matter what design you have in mind, they can deliver. This is because Thailand has diversity in jewelry. After spending centuries in jewelry making, it is most natural for them to understand trends and tastes. While still manufacturing according to indigenous and unique Thai designs, they welcome designs from all over the world: designing jewelry for children, events, and all occasions of life.

Their designers are efficient and work at reputable standards. The high competitiveness in this market means there is an eagerness to serve you better.


Buying and making jewelry in Thailand is relatively cheaper than prices in other parts of the world. This is because most of the materials are sourced in Thailand, meaning that you would get a lower cost in finished goods. Add this to the fact that living conditions and labor are at a cheap cost, and you can understand why Thailand jewelry manufacturers are progressing. Also, the Thai government’s exemption of duties from jewel materials like gold and diamonds means that you can buy them at lower prices.

High Efficiency Of Thai Jewelry Manufacturers


Over and over again, the efficiency of Thai jewelry manufacturers has been proven. While it is in their culture and art, Thailand excels very well at it. It boasts of some of the best jewelry manufacturers who are popular worldwide. These manufacturers pay attention to details while exhibiting professionalism and reliability.

Thai craftsmen have been called the best cutters of gemstones. And you know, when it comes to gemstones, value is placed on cutting. They cut Burmese rubies with great precision. When it comes to the heat treatment of gemstones such as rubies and sapphire, Thai manufacturers are seen as very skilled. They treat gemstones which modifies the stone permanently—making it clearer and brighter.

They are dedicated to bringing the designs of their customers to life. Their after-sale services are commendable. Next time you’re in the market for gemstones or want to manufacture jewelry, give Thailand a try, and you wouldn’t regret it. With its artistic designers, friendly economic policies, and vibrant culture, Thailand is a choice you don’t want to miss for your gems and jewelry. You can’t go wrong with Thailand.

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