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In the world of jewelry, fine jewelry is on the lead. Trends may come and go, but fine jewelry such as gold, silver, and diamond remain on top as they have been for centuries.
Fashion jewelry is always prone to changes in trends. Nothing here stays in style for long. In the long run, it may be more expensive than you think to follow the trend.

If you always want to stay in style without having to pursue the trend for all eternity, if it is stability you seek, why not give classic jewelry a chance? You only have to buy it once, and you’re in style permanently. Traditional jewelry is always in manner. They have been(Check the history books); they are and will always be. What’s more? Classic jewelry is usually precious. You can insure it. That way, even if you lose it, you still win.

If you are interested in classics, gold is an excellent place to start. You know the saying: Good as gold, that has never been truer as in jewelry. Gold is king. It’s the color of the sun, royalty, and has been respected since the dawn of history. Now you know why you should go for gold, here are ten tips you should know if you are to follow the golden trend:



1 Gold Is For Life!

Once you buy gold, it is yours for life. It is not disposable. It is always valuable. That gold piece you purchase today may become the heirloom to be passed on in your family from generation to generation. Gold is timeless. Maybe you didn’t know this, but gold has beautiful effects on health. Gold is a widely known anti-inflammatory material. When in contact with a swollen area, gold cools it by regulating blood flow and absorbing heat.

Gold being a positively charged metal affects oxygen distribution in the blood. It causes the optimal allocation of oxygen to the cells that require it to produce the energy necessary for life. It encourages healthy blood flow. Wearing gold has been known to do wonders for your psyche. Wearing it makes you feel unique, confident, and at peace with the world.

2. You Don’t Have To Be Super Rich To Wear Gold Jewellery

Maybe in the medieval era, wearing gold was a sign of riches. It meant that you were so rich that you wear your money! In the 21st century, however, you can steal wear gold even though you are no Croesus of Lydia. No, You don’t have to steal it. You don’t have to give up your life savings. You simply have to buy gold jewelry that is pocket-friendly. GOLD MANUFACTURING

I’m talking of gold-plated jewelry. It is gold, it is cheap, and you can have it. It is basically made of a base of cheaper metal covered with a layer of 14K, 18K, and 24K gold. It is absolute gold! At least on the surface, but hey: As good as gold! GOLD MANUFACTURING

3. Nobody Can Detect If Your Gold Is Plated Or Solid Just by Looking

Relax, nobody is going to yank at your gold-plated jewelry as you walk by and say, “Fake!” Because nobody can tell the difference just by looking. Remember, gold-plated jewelry is still golden, just not at the core. But nobody sees the core unless they had an X-Ray vision. No, what people passing would see is a piece of lovely gold jewelry and excellent looks on you. GOLD MANUFACTURING


4. Take Care Of Your Gold!

Yes, gold is valuable and long-lasting, but you still need to take care of it! Don’t expose your gold to moisture. It causes it to tarnish. Store in a dry jewelry box. Gold-plated jewelry can flake off if not properly cared for. Corrosion may spread from the base metal to it. So keep moisture away from your gold. GOLD MANUFACTURING

5. Replate Your Jewellery

Don’t give up on your jewelry when the plated gold flakes off. Take it to your jeweler. He would have it replated and literally as good as gold. GOLD MANUFACTURING

6. Everything Is Good With Gold

Whether it is pure or plated, gold goes with almost every outfit. It enhances casual outfits. It complements outfits for special occasions. Dear fashionista, you know you want that gold. So go get it! GOLD MANUFACTURING

7. Choose Base metals That Gilded

When you’re out for gold-plated jewelry, make sure to choose base materials that are gilded, gold-like. As in they have the same color as gold. That way, it blends perfectly with the layer of gold. Take note, though, the more gold like the base metal, the higher the karat of gold used in the plating. GOLD MANUFACTURING 

8. You don’t have to worry About Allergies With Gold Plated Jewellery

Gold plated jewelry and gold, in general, is hypoallergenic. This means that it is not likely to react with your skin no matter how sensitive it is. Oh, and as a caveat, make sure the base metal is not made with nickel. Nickel has this knack for causing allergies. Steer clear of it! GOLD MANUFACTURING

9. You can choose any base metal you want!

Gold plating requires gold and almost any other metal as a base. The higher the quality of base metal, the costlier it is and vice versa. But then, better quality than cheap stuff that isn’t worth your money. For quality base metals, go for titanium, steel, copper, or silver. Avoid nickel if your skin is sensitive to allergies. GOLD MANUFACTURING


10. Your Gold Plated Jewelry May does not Appreciate In Value

Remember, one of the reasons people bother with gold is because it is a safe investment. However, the amount you get for your gold depends on its purity. When you sell your gold, you can get higher or equal the value you bought it, depending on conditions in the market. However, the same doesn’t apply to gold-plated jewelry as the gold is too thin for the jewelers to bother with. But then you still get the benefit of rocking that golden look. “Good as gold.” GOLD MANUFACTURING

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