Marcasite Bangle size options that vary

Marcasite Bangle

Marcasite bangles are a perfect addition to the jewelry collection. Ladies love marcasite bangles for several reasons which include sparkling nature, intricate embellishments, and beautiful craftsmanship.

Marcasite bangle is a great addition and you can easily take it on and off. What else you’ll love about the marcasite bangle is that they go well with all dress types whether you are going out for the business meetings, casual, formal outings, daytime outings, festive occasions, celebrations, and so on.

When buying the marcasite bangle most ladies wonder which size will suit them better but they are unsure about the appropriate size. Marcasite bangle size options vary as per the people’s needs.

Bangle size options Some people have broad writs while others have petite wrists so when you buy the bangle most of us need the best fit bangle so that you stay comfortable with it on your arms.

Marcasite Bangle size options that vary

Marcasite Bangle

How to measure the size of the marcasite bangle?

Most of the brands in the market offer a diverse range of lengths that fits well over the customer’s wrists making it look great and feels comfortable simultaneously.
Many designs are also available in the quarter link or half-size links allowing you to enjoy a wide range of sizes. Bangle size options

Most brands carry all sizes on marcasite bangle ranging from 6-8.5”. The same design bangle with the same link number can also vary in terms of lengths of around 0.25”.
Most brands also offer resizing by internet-experienced artisans who make sure that you have a perfect fit with your bangles.

Bangle size options The resizing service is available using various methods like standardized torch soldering or laser welding.

It all depends on you how you want your bangle to be resized. Using torch soldering results in a stronger bond however laser welding can also be done without the removal of any heat-sensitive stones or gems.

Marcasite Bangle
How to measure the wrist to enjoy a comfortable, accurate fit?

To find the perfect bangle size, make sure to follow these simple steps:
First close your fingers together, next bring your thumb close to the last finger pretending that you are wearing the marcasite bangle. Bangle size options

Next measure your wrist using flexible tape measuring or make use of a paper strip just underneath the wrist bone. In the part where you will wear your marcasite bangle, you need to measure that part of the wrist.

For instance, you are using the plain paper strip then make sure to mark the size using a pencil or pen. Bangle size options Next use the rule for measuring the wrist length giving you the accurate wrist size.

To find out the accurate marcasite bangle measurement, you need to check up the wrist size using the suitable measurements given here. Convert your hand circumference into diameter

The diameter of 7 12 inches is roughly 2-3/8 inches, which is ideal for petite wrists.
The diameter of 8 14 inches is roughly 2 5/8 inches, which is ideal for medium wrists.
The diameter of 8 5/8 inches is almost similar to 2 34 inches, which is ideal for big wrists.

Next, it all depends on how you like your fit whether you want a loose-fitting bangle or a snug fit? This varies amongst most women as everyone likes a different type of fit when it comes to choosing the marcasite bangle.

Are you planning to invest in the delicately designed bracelet featuring a thin chain then you should choose a snug fit? Bangle size options

Apart from it, most bracelets come with a comfortable fit however when you are buying something huge like broad bangles or thick cuffs, then it’s better to invest in a marcasite bangle that comes with the loose fit.

Bangle size options Do not suffocate yourself with tightly fitted bangles if you love wearing them at all times whether you are going out for outings, celebrations, birthdays, office, or any others.

Check out the details given below for a rough idea about the measures of marcasite bangle. Bangle size options

To get a tight fit, add half inches to 14inches
To get a comfortable fit, add 3/4 to 1inches
To get a wide fit, add 1 ¼ inch

Marcasite Bangle
Top 3 marcasite bangle designs

Bangle size options Dive in to have a look at the top three marcasite bangle designs for excited ladies out there!

White Crystal Bangle Size

This beautiful, delicately designed marcasite bangle looks super gorgeous. Bangle size options You can flaunt this mesmerizing bangle on all occasions and celebrate this unique, delicate look.

Pair this bangle with different accessories including rings, bracelets, a watch, and so on. You’ll uplift the entire look with this beautiful bangle.

Filigree Heart Pendant Necklace or Bangle Bracelet

Next in our list of best marcasite bangle options is this heart-shaped gemstone bangle which looks super gorgeous. Bangle size options

You can choose the same design in necklace too which will give you a beautiful complete look with all your favorite dresses. The sparkle and the perfect shine of this bangle are worth investing in!

Marcasite Bangle

Pink Shell and Marcasite Bangle Bracelet

Last in our list of beautiful marcasite bangle options is this yellowish hue gemstone with marcasite stones set on the sides giving it an awe-inspiring look.

Whenever you’ll wear this beautiful bangle, you’ll be the center of attention as it catches the eyes of all wearers. Fall in love with the perfect spark of this bangle which looks super gorgeous.

You can wear this bangle at all times, whether you are going out at a party, celebration, office, with friends or family members, and so on! Bangle size options


With the diverse range of marcasite bangle available in the market with various size ranges, you won’t face any trouble now finding the perfect fit for your hands. Check out our guidelines now to invest in the perfect fit marcasite bangle now.

So, what are you waiting for? Without delaying any further get your hands on the best-fit marcasite bangle based on your hand size. Bangle size options
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Are you seeking the best marcasite bangle size that fits well on your arms? Click now to find out how to choose the best size bangle.

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