8 tips to know about Marcasite brooch

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Brooches are jewelry that has been in use since ancient times. Brooch, derived from the old French word brochure (meaning a spit), refers to any decorative pin or clasp as well as an ornament worn on outer garments. It was very common in medieval Europe. It was used primarily from the sixth century until the seventeenth century for many purposes like holding together multiple layers of clothing and a means to fasten the cloak around them. It was also considered an important item in pre-1800s costume jewelry. Marcasite brooch

Marcasite is an opaque variety of pyrite, a brittle mineral consisting of iron sulfide. Marcasite has a density of 5.7 g/cm3 and hardness of 2–4 on the Mohs scale, but its aesthetics and elegance make it more valuable than gold. It is available in different colors, i.e., black, brown, yellow-brown to light green color, and can be easily cut into various shapes for making jewelry pieces. This natural phenomenon occurs when the mineral pyrite (FeS2) is exposed to air or water at certain temperatures between 50–800 degrees Celsius.

Marcasite jewelry was very popular in the Victorian age, becoming a symbol of wealth and status. Both men and women wore the brooches made from marcasite during that period, but its popularity began to wane with altering trends. The 1990s saw the revival of this beautiful Renaissance stone as an alternative to diamond which became too expensive for many people. Marcasite brooch

Marcasite jewelry is available in different shapes, including butterflies, roses, and spheres in varying colors. These natural formations of marcasite brooches can be worn as a single pendant, as an ornament for holding together the layers of your dress, or simply used to add elegance to your attire. Marcasite jewelry is light-weighted, which makes them easy to carry as well as beautiful to look at. The following tips will come in handy while buying a marcasite brooch:

8 tips to know about Marcasite brooch

Marcasite brooch

#1 Look for authenticity: There have been reports of fake marcasite that has been made from glass or plastic coated with black paint and called it genuine marcasite. So always buy from reputed sellers who should offer you a certificate of authenticity. In other words, if a seller should tell you they can not provide you with this certificate, there is something fishy, and it’s best not to buy the brooch. If you go ahead to buy the brooch, it could have adverse consequences. This means the authorities could begin to trail you; that is to say, the brooch was stolen. Marcasite brooch

#2 Keep away from jewelry with stones: Gemstones rather than marcasite stones are more prone to scratches and all kind of damage. While buying gemstone jewelry, be careful that it doesn’t get easily scratched or damaged as these stones are fragile. I prefer wearing only gemstone jewelry carefully and avoiding contact with harsh chemicals like perfume, hair spray, etc. Marcasite brooch

#3 Quality of work: If you look for a traditional piece, choose one made by hand using ancient craftsmanship. It should not have modern techniques involved in its making.

#4 Look for quality and durability: You should always buy a marcasite brooch from a reputed seller who assures you about the quality and durability of the brooch you buy from him. You should check it, whether it’s well crafted or not, and how much time can be spent wearing this jewelry piece. Marcasite brooch

#5 Choose marcasite with care: Marcasite has a high propensity for scratches and chipping, so always use a soft cloth to clean your brooch and store it carefully in a jewelry case. Marcasite brooch

#6 Check the size: It is crucial that you get to know the exact dimensions, i.e., length of the brooch as you would like to wear it on your blouse, collar, dress, etc. Measure correctly before buying one because there have also been reports about small-sized marcasites being passed off as big by some unscrupulous jewelers.

#7 Buy marcasite brooch with a money-back guarantee: Marcasite jewelry is quite expensive if you happen to buy it as an individual piece, so always look for the seller who offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you find that the product is damaged or defective. The best option would be to buy a marcasite brooch from reputed sellers on eBay, where you could even get a lifetime warranty if requested.

#8 Consider its price: Don’t go overboard and purchase the most expensive piece of jewelry because it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better than other pieces in terms of quality and durability. So, what’s more important? Staying within your budget or getting something that’s worth your money? If you want to go for a good piece that won’t be a burden on your pocket, try spending between $ 25 to $ 50. This doesn’t mean you can’t spend more if you have more.

Marcasite brooch

Other additional tips.

– Keep it away from water: You should never wash your marcasite jewelry under running tap water. Wipe excess dirt and dust with a soft or lint-free cloth, being careful not to get the stones wet in any way. Marcasite brooch

– Store it carefully: It is important that you keep your marcasite jewelry securely wrapped in cotton fabric or padded by soft cardboard to prevent damage due to knocking against other pieces of jewelry etc.

– It brings good luck when worn on chakra: People consider marcasite a traditional birthstone for the month of March but if you want to be different, try wearing a marcasite brooch in December also, which is considered a lucky period for a lot of people. In addition, it’s believed that wearing this stone on your throat chakra will bring lots of great compliments from your friends and family.

To get a natural stone, look for the dark green in color: The darker the color of the marcasite brooch, the higher its quality and durability. You’ll be able to find some really beautiful pieces on eBay, which you can even personalize. You have now known almost everything there is about Marcasite Brooch. Have a happy shopping!

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