What actually is Marcasite Charm?


If you’re reading this, then you probably have come across Marcasite Charm somewhere in the books or on the internet but do you know what it is? What does it do? Are the rumors true? This article attempts to answer these questions. It also details its history and uses, so if you are confused by how this item works in-game or want to find out more about it.

Its potential uses, please continue reading. By the time you’ve read all of this, hopefully, most of your questions concerning Marcasite Charm will be answered! If anything is unclear after reading this article, please post on the blog below, and we’ll try our best to clarify for everyone! Marcasite Charm is one of the most powerful magic items that can be created with metamagic.

Admittedly, it’s not a very well-known magic item yet, but Marcasite Charm still deserves attention because it makes a simple piece of jewelry, such as an earring or bracelet, into something almost like a weapon or armor. It also allows the user to perform certain actions by applying force in specific directions using their arm muscles alone, without needing any weapons attached to those body parts.

The requirement for making this item includes many precious materials and rare components that are hard to collect; however, its power is worth having to gather everything from so far away. Even so… most Adventurers who learn about this magic item look for alternatives to it because of its prohibitive difficulty in crafting.

Marcasite Charm

A Marcasite Charm is created by enchanting a large amethyst, which has several purple-colored spots on the surface, with metamagic. This process takes more time and effort than most other item enchantments, and even after that’s done, there are two separate rituals necessary to make the magic item work as intended.

The first ritual is used to set up a spell formation based on the principles of transmutation… And then another one — the second ritual — uses sorcery and mana manipulation techniques to complete it. In other words, Marcasite Charms have three different types of magic imbued within them: enchantment magic, sorcery, and alchemy. All three types are necessary for it to function as intended.

This is what a Marcasite Charm looks like. It’s impossible to tell that sorcery was used in its creation or that it has metamagic imbued in it because the two rituals involved were so complex and subtle that they managed to conceal all signs of their involvement. The only way you can know for sure is if you examine the magic item closely by using Magic Sensory or other magical means… And even then, you might not really know.

The more obvious effect of this item is that it gives “force” and “movement” to an otherwise normal piece of jewelry attached to your body. In other words, when activated, a Marcasite Charm gives the user a degree of physical power and allows them to move quickly without needing any particular device to help them. It can also activate defensive magic items such as mage armor or force barrier at maximum efficiency. But it is believed the exact effects depend on which part of your body you use it with.

This is what an altered Marcasite Charm looks like when activated — it’s an earring worn inside your left earlobe. The most prominent effect, when used in this manner, seems to be enhanced hearing… And that’s not all: If you push your right hand in toward your head while activating the charm, it will create a magical “shield” around your ears that blocks out outside sounds. If you do this multiple times at once, you can block out sound from both the right and left sides.

When using this magic item to the fullest… which is to say, when wearing it on your entire body like armor — you don’t need any weapons at all in order to fight. You’re able to deliver strikes with your fists that have exceptional power behind them — maybe even enough strength to crack a skull — while also defending yourself without needing anything more than your arms.

This effect basically gives you “extraordinary physical ability” through an object worn on your body as jewelry — so although some might see this as cheating… There’s no way to cheat at life itself; therefore, we should accept these types of things as simple facts of life.

What actually is Marcasite Charm?

Marcasite Charm

Take a look at the following salient points;

#01: The most noticeable effect of a Marcasite Charm is able to move your body freely without hindrance due to the use of any armor or clothing you might wear on top of it.

#02: Whenever a Marcasite Charm is worn over only part of your body, its effects will correspondingly be lessened by that amount. For instance, wearing it as earrings alone won’t give you nearly the same degree of physical power as if you wore it over your entire body at once… That said, there are some people who show off their status to others by using this magic item in such an ostentatious way.

#03: Although marcasites are the source material, you don’t need to use them in order for the magic item to work. Metamagic can be used instead. This means that, by using Marcasite Charms as a base… You could even make it possible for one person to move around an object that weighs several tons with ease.

Of course, this is just a hypothetical example; in practice, they only grant an amount of physical power equivalent to what’s given by normal clothing worn on top of metal armor like chain mail or hard leather and reinforced with metallic objects.

#04: There are two types of forms this jewelry can take: earrings worn inside your left earlobe… And collars are worn around your neck or your wrists.

#05: The effects of the magic item can be repositioned simply by touching it with your gauntlet finger and forming a different spell using Metamagic. So even if you don’t actually wear an earring or a collar, you’ll still be able to enjoy its effects in full.

#06: There isn’t any information about how Marcasite Charms are created… But from the evidence and logic, we have right now; there’s no way for us to know for sure that this was not created by the gods themselves… This is why, we suppose, they’re in such high demand among influential people.

#07: For example, in Balenos, these magic items are generally made from metamorphosis ore mined from the Marcasite Cave. This ore is selected by blindfolded miners who can sense the true color of these crystals just by touching them — and in most cases, they’ve been developing a relationship with these minerals for their entire lives, so it’s possible that even they themselves don’t know why this happens.

#08: The reason you have to wear an earring or collar over your entire body in order to get full effects from a single piece of jewelry is that there are no known methods that allow us to bypass the limitations imposed by the equipment pieces worn on your feet or hands.

#09: We can only speculate as to why one would want such exceptional power… But I think we’ve all thought about how helpful it could be in certain circumstances.
So after reading this, are you still doubting the existence of the marcasite charm?

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