The gentleman’s second decision: the color marcasite jewelrys of the suit and shirt

color marcasite jewelrys

The most advisable thing is to try to wear a navy or charcoal gray suit, as they are versatile and suitable for the most outfit. However, we can consider some alternative options, always considering whether the celebration is in the morning or at night.

If the event is throughout the day, it is recommended that the suit should be lighter colors, such as gray, blue, brown, or tan. On the contrary, if it is a wedding at night, it would be necessary to choose, absolutely, for darker tones, such as charcoal gray, navy blue or black. marcasite jewelrys.

The gentleman’s second decision: the color marcasite jewelrys of the suit and shirt

marcasite jewelrys


Once the color of the suit is decided, the ideal, and the simplest is to combine it with a single-tone shirt that allows us to play with the rest of the accessories. If in doubt, always choose a white shirt. It does not fail and hits almost everything! marcasite jewelrys.

The gentleman’s quite reliable option: should I wear a tie or a bow tie?

marcasite jewelrys


The tie is one of the accessories that offers more freedom. Choose a color that suits you and a style according to your personality, and that’s it, it’s that simple!
As a recommendation: try not to be a strident tie, with exaggerated motifs or a color that clashes with the suit you have chosen for the occasion. marcasite jewelrys.

Another alternative for the most daring is the bow tie, very trendy in recent years (Although according to custom, a bowtie is a garment that accompanies the tuxedo).

As a tip, keep in mind that it is only recommended for day weddings and try to choose, as with the tie, for a discreet design, that does not stand out too much, and that combines with the color of the suit. marcasite jewelrys.

The crux of the matter: the complements

First, the shoes, preferably Oxford and in tune with the belt. In black if possible, although if the wedding is a bit more informal and you have opted for a suit in blue tones you can lean on some brown shoes. marcasite jewelrys.

Finally, in the wholesale ring, you have the option to accompany your look with a wide range of accessories with which you can risk giving your outfit a more original or sophisticated air, as the case may be: twins. scarves, socks and, of course, a good watch, the perfect complement is whatever your choice.

Other tips to keep in mind:

If you have a wedding and you like vests, you can innovate with this garment and give your look a touch of color. Remember that if you wear a jacket, the color of the vest must be different from the tone chosen by the groom. marcasite jewelrys.

If you are one of those who get lost in the world of protocol and etiquette, but you like to go right, a little help: with a two-button jacket, you should wear only the top button, while with the three-button button you should only button the middle button.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of the event organizers and try always to be dressed as you think they would like you to be. Use common sense and try to run away from stridency. It is not difficult to go unnoticed and, if you do not, let it be because you have managed to be the most stylish of the party! marcasite jewelrys.

But, above all, be yourself and try to be true to your style.
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