Help Save the World with Jewelry Collection


Pandora and Vintage Jewelry collection

Pandora and Vintage Jewelry collection presented at the West Indies National Museum In collaboration with the Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Authority and the Trinidad and Tobago National Museum of Art, Wholesale Jewelry, a special collection of jewelry will be presented at the George Walcott Gallery on November 24. Seven years in the making of Pandora and vintage jewelry, along with other accessories, the jewelry collection is made up of more than seventy pieces made by seven different artists – three designers and five jewelers – whose pieces tell the story of our people.
It is a collaboration between art enthusiasts Andrea Bailey and Diane Jean Griffiths Save the World.

 Save the World

The two women’s relationship was forged over their shared passion for art and jewelry, especially about Pandora – the most favorite, and the vintage – the most historical, in early 2008. The stories of those creations continue to be woven into the fabric of their lives, which saw them collaborate to ensure that the history and future of our people are never lost. Bailey described the process of creation of Pandora and Vintage jewelry, as one of “reality testing” because when she began, Wholesale Silver Jewelry, she said it was unclear whether the people of this country would embrace the art and jewelry as their own, or only see them as objects in a museum Save the World.

Help Save the World with Jewelry Collection

The process was ultimately cathartic and became a self-explanatory journey for the women and for saving the world with a jewelry collection – the Pandora and Vintage charms. Griffiths recalled how her grandfather had owned jewelry and family heirlooms and their wealth had shaped the early social and economic development of their nation. Bailey added that the process of building the collection and creating the exhibition allowed them to bring to life the memories of those ancestors, create a sense of ownership and source some emotional catharsis Save the World.

The West Indies National Museum of Art is located at 5 Lilienthal. The special presentation will take place at the gallery from 10 am-4 pm on Friday, November 24. The exhibition will run until December 24. As part of the residency, Jewelry manufacturer, a series of talks and workshops will be held as part of the Creative Movement hub. The aim is to showcase and sell the pieces of vintage and pandora-created Save the World.


The WITA was established in 1962 as an agency of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to develop, promote and market the tourism industry in Trinidad and Tobago. Formed by an Act of Parliament, the West Indies Tourism Board is committed to identifying and developing the newest and most profitable tourism products, just like the pandora and vintage charms, and services for Trinidad and Tobago, and to diversifying and expanding the Trinidad and Tobago tourism market by expanding the jewelry collection by various brands like Pandora, Daisy, Regal Rose, and much more. The WITA provides a forum for local and international stakeholders to forge and enhance business relationships and alliances Save the World.

 Save the World

The WITA hosts biennial trade missions to diversify and broaden Trinidad and Tobago’s existing tourism markets and to identify and develop new, high-potential markets for the travel and tourism industry with the help of popular brands like Daisy, Jared, Jtv, and the most favorite Pandora. The agency engages in research on the needs and wants of the tourism sector and interacts with government and industry to identify priorities and to engage in dialogue with the private sector.

It is mandated to: Develop, produce and broadcast Trinidad and Tobago’s strategic tourist advertising campaigns and publish a regular newsletter, “Big W”, which is circulated to key government, private sector, and the wider public. It was only possible with the help of this charming and vintage jewelry Save the World.


Each year, the Housing Development Trust (HDFT) pays out rent to more than 1100 Housing Society tenants through its monthly rent refund scheme. The scheme was launched in 1991 to promote landlord-tenant relations. The HDFT is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and is registered under the Ministry of Community Development, Culture, and the Arts.

It has the responsibility to promote the dignity, benefits, and well-being of persons who are materially disadvantaged and other disadvantaged persons who are qualified to be registered as residents. The HDFT is structured into three sections: Rent, Rent Refund, and Education. Pandora jewelry brands and other jewelry brands like the Blue Nile and Regal Rose have donated a lot for the sake of humanity and the purpose of Save the World.

 Save the World

Rent is the monthly remittance of income collected from HDFT clients on the basis of rental agreements entered into between them and landlords. The Rent Refund Section pays out rental payments to clients who have lost money through house repossession, eviction,

and unlawful evictions. The Education section is responsible for providing opportunities for persons to enhance their job skills, such as life skills in-home repairs, food preparation, carpentry, air conditioning installation, electrical repairs, plumbing, and wiring. Like every organization, the HDFT has had its fair share of ups and downs, but on the whole, has made significant contributions to the social and economic development of communities in Trinidad and Tobago. It has been made possible due to many Jewelry Brands and Vintage charms Save the World.

Growth of Socio-Eco System Rights

Today the HDFT continues to advocate for the protection of housing rights and ensuring that housing plays a significant role in the socio-economic growth of the country. Pandora and Vintage have made it more possible for an uprising. In 2017, the HDFT received a grant from the Caribbean Development Bank to develop its capacity and professionalize the management of the Trust’s business operations. The HDFT is actively engaging with its clients to develop and implement community development plans and to assist them in retaining their housing to facilitate the recovery and development of Save the World.

 Save the World

At a time when the Government of Trinidad and Tobago is engaged in an unprecedented housing program with the aim of providing affordable houses for citizens, the HDFT is extremely grateful for the financial assistance given by CDB. The HDFT has always been a firm believer that everyone deserves a house and we look forward to playing our part in helping the Government achieve its goals in this regard Save the World.


The Baton Rouge District Community Co-operative was registered with the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts in 1992 and has, over the years, been instrumental in many programs and community development initiatives. Persian jewelry brand and Romanov Russia are helping them a lot by donations. These initiatives include volunteerism, community development, cultural awareness, and awareness of legal and legislative rights for the economically vulnerable.

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