Ten seasonal silver watch fashion trends to make every eye turn on you

Silver Watch

The fashion weeks and the Haute Couture collections at the end of last year already ventured the trends that were going to mark designers and great brands for a spring-summer 2019 season that seems like – finally! – It is just around the corner. And, although in recent weeks the heat has resisted a bit,

and we have not been able to take our most spring models out for a walk, the next few days point to a rise in temperatures that will force us to leave the shelter and allow us to fill our Closet of the latest for this season: a mix of prints, colors, volumes and materials without regret because the only rule for this season is that there are no rules!


Fashion Trends Silver Watch

   To make it easier for you to change your wardrobe, and if you have not yet launched into the search and capture of the most sought-after garments of the season, we recover the trends that the catwalks left us for this spring-summer and we give you the primary keys to get them translated and easily incorporated into your dressing room:


silver watch

Open shoulders


Without a doubt, the rise in temperature invites us to show our shoulders, and this trend becomes the most appealing and feminine option of the season.

   Throw yourself with some of the most stylish garments this summer and bet on dresses, shirts, or tops that allow you to show your shoulders with a neckline that, in addition to being worn in its more classic version, is reinterpreted with strategic crosses and suspenders.




   This summer the stripes reinvent themselves in their most vibrant version and become the real protagonists of your look. Sterling Silver Jewelry Wide, thin, horizontal, vertical, oblique, or all mixed in bold and colorful combinations that leave aside the classic sailor stripes.

 Most of the most right: combine stripes and blocks with stars or mix different types of strips in the same look.

silver watch


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