8 Myths about Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver jewelry has been in the market for many years and has various designs and options, but there are still many misconceptions. People have not the most appropriate information regarding wholesale sterling silver jewelry. And sometimes, it becomes the main reason you stop yourself from buying an incredibly aesthetic silver piece. So to clear out all the misconceptions, wholesale silver jewelry, we are here to help. You can check out some of the common misconceptions that people have.

8 common wholesale sterling silver misconceptions

Let’s talk about the common misconceptions that people have about Silver. Even if it has been in the market for ages, people still do not know precisely the right information regarding sterling silver.

Wholesale sterling silver is the same as pure silver.

Well, that is a massive misconception that people have. Pure silver is not the same as sterling silver. You need to keep in mind that the composition of sterling silver is different from pure silver. Sterling silver is an alloy made from pure silver material and has up to 92.5% of silver and contains 7.5 % of other material. Other material can be copper or Gold. Usually, sterling silver is known as 925 sterling silver. You can also find the stamp of 925 sterling silver on the wholesale silver pieces. This is how you differentiate sterling silver from any other kind of jewelry material and mostly fake silver wholesale jewelry.


Sterling Silver

Sterling silver quickly turns black.

No, it is not correct! Usually, people think that sterling silver turns black very quickly. But people have a misconception about it. Although sterling silver is not resistant to the oxidized Asian process, it is still a better choice. It does not turn black very quickly. If it is being worn every day and is exposed to water and sunlight daily, jewelry manufacturer, it will lose its Shine. But you can regain the Shine again after polishing it. The sterling silver jewelry contains the alloy, which helps it in becoming tarnish resistant.

If you have any misconceptions regarding the durability of sterling silver, you should clear it out immediately.

Sterling silver is a low-quality material.

Again Another misconception. Sterling silver jewelry is not low quality at all. It is an incredible quality silver jewelry that can be e as good as gold. If you put silver jewelry compared to other metals and valuable materials, you will find it in second place after Gold. Sterling Silver Jewelry It is a high-quality metal that is valuable and provides the ultimate Shine. Most people who are not satisfied with gold material often go for sterling silver jewelry because it is trendy and chic. Also, it is valuable, as well.


Sterling Silver

Sterling silver jewelry is easy to dent.

Wholesale sterling silver jewelry is not soft at all. It is durable, and one cannot put a Dent in it quickly. If you are considering it as low quality and soft material, you are not correct. You might need to think a little bit more about the quality of sterling silver jewelry. Usually, people do not consider silver jewelry a good option because they believe it can easily be bent or broken. But that is not the case. Sterling silver jewelry is a top-notch option and very stylish because of the design and fashionable pieces.

Sterling silver jewelry is not easy to maintain

Well, that is another misconception that people have regarding wholesale jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry is easy to maintain and polish. You can easily do it at home without any hurdles or pressure. If you consider keeping and cleaning your sterling silver jewelry, you do not need to go to an expert or a professional to get it cleaned and polished. You can do it at home using vinegar or lemon juice. However, you need to be careful about handling it.


Sterling Silver

They are not a lot of designs available in silver.

The market is full of sterling silver jewelry pieces that you can find. You can find out various colors and designs and other features you might need in your silver jewelry. Now there are Silver jewelry piece is also available that can be customized according to your requirement. You need to provide an appropriate design sketch for the professionals to help you meet the silver jewelry according to your requirement. You can find the cut and unique designs. Moreover, it is not very difficult to get your hands on sterling silver jewelry.

Wholesale sterling silver jewelry is expensive.

Silver jewelry is affordable for almost anyone. This is not an invaluable option, but it is still priced affordable and will not cost you an arm and a leg. You can easily buy a ring for your fiancé made of sterling silver with a beautiful stone in the center. It is rightly and appropriately priced based on what you are buying. The prices can vary from design to design and the collection of sterling silver. However, it is a moderately priced valuable jewelry pieces that are amazing because of their designs and durability.

The only diamond looks good with sterling silver.

One of the biggest misconceptions about sterling silver jewelry is that only diamonds can look good with sterling silver jewelry. However, that is entirely wrong because many wholesale Sterling jewelry pieces do not have Diamond but have other stones, which complement these jewelry pieces incredibly well.


Now that you have seen some of the misconceptions regarding wholesale Sterling silver jewelry, it will be easier for you to choose the best option and decide which silver jewelry you like the most. You can be free to buy any silver jewelry because it is easy to maintain, and you can polish it at home. Also, if you are keeping it properly, it will not turn black very quickly.



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