Uncut Gems


Uncut gems are stones that have not been worked on by any jeweler or professional. They are also known as raw diamonds. They are shapeless, Wholesale Jewelry, unpolished, faceless, and lack any geometric angle. They can either be mined naturally or artificially in a laboratory. They are a lot cheaper than cut diamonds. You’re probably asking yourself If you should buy them? Well, Wholesale Silver Jewelry, read on!

Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems

Uncut, raw, and rough words all point in the same direction. These are words used when referring to diamonds or any gemstone that hasn’t gone through any form of processing.
The way a diamond is polished or cut influences its proportion. It directly affects the gemstone’s reflective ability.

Stones cut into large percentages are usually shiny than their smaller counterparts.
During polishing, Jewelry manufacturer, the exposure to light triggers a shiny effect, so a rough polished surface absorbs and allows light to pass through the gem. The beauty or attraction of a rough diamond or gemstone doesn’t lie in its brilliance. But in its pure, natural, and original condition.

It used to be a fashionable practice to use uncut diamonds for engagement and wedding rings because of speculations that the gem’s natural state is attributed to have a healing effect impact and energy. These gemstones are uncommon and distinctive. It is because their roughness differs from one gem to another. Not only do they possess distinctive forms of immensity, but they are also known as valuable gems. Speaking of color, they are by far the most colorful of all gemstones, despite their nature.

These stones are a beauty to behold! Unpolished gemstones are a magnificent signature of nature and Earth’s sublime wonders. The attributes and angles of the prototype stones reflect the inception or creation of the Earth and other gemstones. To provide a thrilling atmosphere for the gemstones, they undergo slight synthetic modifications so you could see the impressive state of the newly mined jewels.

Humans are competitive. Our unrelenting push for improvement is making us blind to the invaluable natural beauty at our disposal. We tend to concentrate on past or future events until we lose the present. Uncut jewelry accentuates the beauty in you as it serves as adornments that connect with our feelings to unlock those special moments in life.

Putting on an uncut necklace may serve as a reminder that the only way to get the best in life is to live it to the fullest. Or consider putting on a pair of unprocessed earrings that’ll constantly remind you to pay attention to what’s around you. These jewels connect more than you think!

How to identify uncut gemstones or jewelry?

Identifying uncut gemstones requires adequate Gemology knowledge, but you can with little knowledge if you pay attention. Mostly, the borders of the rough or unpolished stone are not smooth, but there are exceptions. Some gemstones such as fluorite occur naturally with eight plain surfaces, very similar to an Octahedral. Diamonds also grow in an Octahedral shape.

Other gemstones follow different patterns.

Also, the gem’s polished surface can tell if it is uncut or not. When Uncut gemstones are polished, they don’t have a smooth texture. Stones like a diamond and other plain surfaced stones aren’t an exception to this rule. Generally, uncut gemstones don’t follow a particular pattern. Stones like unpolished Quartz come in a crystalline shape, while colorful Fluorites like I earlier mentioned are Octahedral.

How to decide the value of an uncut gemstone?

These are some factors to put into consideration when shopping for uncut gemstones.


The unique nature of gemstones is the main factor to consider when thinking of adding them to your collection. No two rough diamonds share the same features. Their unpolished look gives them a stylish and classical appearance. The combinations of these diamonds with other gemstones bring out their innovatory look.


The nature of this set of jewelry provides the avenue for them to be an all-rounder. It implies that they are the best choices for different occasions or gatherings. They complement attires to make them appear astonishing and perfect.

They are a popular choice of adornments for people attending huge occasions like weddings, birthdays, or other gatherings. Customizing personal jewelry collections is a fashionable practice with consumers because consumers now decorate themselves with combinations that include both polished and raw diamonds.


Raw diamonds cost way less than their polished counterparts. An unpolished one-carat diamond ring can go for just a few hundred dollars if you walk into a store which is considerably less when compared to a cut ring of the exact specifications, which you could spend as much as thousands of dollars.

Artsy nature.

They are not that popular, so using them will attract attention. Women especially love the quartz-like rough diamond appearance.

How are to measure the value of uncut jewelry?


The Carat scale is directly proportional to its cost. Things change because a small, clearer diamond can be more expensive than a large but unattractive piece. The carat scale only affects a gem’s price if its other features are equal.


The color of a stone-like diamond directly influences its price. Colorless diamonds usually have a hue of brown or yellow, which reduces their value drastically. So, the more color in a diamond, the less bright or shiny it will look. In summary, colorless diamonds are the most expensive!


Most diamonds contain blemishes, flaws, or inclusions. Inclusions are some imperfections that reduce a diamond’s worth. The fewer the inclusions on a diamond, the more expensive it tends to be.


Well cut, properly shaped gemstones attract more value than larger rough gemstones of the same value.
The beauty derived from the cutting gives it an asymmetrical shape and an advantage over a bigger stone.


So, if you want to shop for an attractive uncut gemstone, consider putting these factors into consideration. It’s a valuable addition to your collection and definitely shouldn’t be just kept there for decoration. So step out with it, wear it to occasions, rock that diamond ring with your best dress. You’ll be glad you did.

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