Proven steps to know whether your Jewelry is real or not


Not all that glitters is gold! Although, this can be the reality of that gemstone you have wanted to put on for a while. The color quality, luster, durability, and shine may entrap you into purchasing the seemingly elegant but probably fake gemstone. The choicest way to know if you own faux or real Jewelry is to take your stones to a precious metal assayer or buyer for evaluation. But, there are some steps which you can do at home, Wholesale Jewelry, all by yourself. We’ll take you through that in this post. your Jewelry

Proven steps to know whether your Jewelry is real or not

your Jewelry

The authenticity of the seller

Spotting the ideal gemstone can be tricky. The first thing to do is look for a legit seller who can offer information about your gemstone and assist with spotting the cut, quality, and kind of gemstone you need. It will aid in making a good buying decision. Even credible jewelers can, in some instances, sell fabricated stones, so being very picky when you want to buy even from the best jewelers is necessary. your Jewelry

Before selling any diamond or gemstone, it has to be verified by a government-owned lab. Buyers should be careful when purchasing diamonds and gemstones and not be victims of advertising ploys like offers, celebrity endorsements, and discounts. The only means you can be very sure is to request the proper government lab certificate that details the authenticity of the gemstone and every treatment it may have gone through. your Jewelry

Shape & design

When acquiring a gemstone, people are often more concerned about the shape of the precious item. Every shape and cut have varying characteristics. When you purchase a gemstone, go for an appropriately cut piece with no marks on it. To procure a correct outcome, the pendant or ring has to be designed to connect with the skin, and the rays are left to reflect through the gemstone to enter the wearer’s body. They are adorned for drawing more energy from every planet in the Universe. So, if any of these planets are weak, one has to put on a gemstone to culminate the required strength. Test using a strong magnet your Jewelry

your Jewelry

Precious stones are not magnetic.

If you own a strong magnet in your home, you can experiment with this yourself. But, bear in mind, a vast majority of magnets, Wholesale Silver Jewelry, like a refrigerator magnet or even one that is placed in your child’s science kit, are not that strong. A rare-earth magnet is what we use, and you can find it here if you want to buy yours. your Jewelry

Connect your magnet to every piece of Jewelry. If that part draws in the magnet or is attracted to it, the Jewelry is not real silver or gold. Though, bear in mind, that several pieces have springs or clasps, so be wary when touching the magnet with the precious stone parts not to undergo a false test. your Jewelry

Inspect for real diamonds or gemstones

You can’t get real diamonds or gemstones in costume jewelry. They’re most commonly plastics, simulated stones, or crystals. Except on some occasions will you spot a true gem in costume jewelry, and if the metal isn’t genuine, the stone is probably fake as well. And on the other hand, if the gemstone is not real, the metal is probably not authentic.
If you still have doubts, genuine diamonds& gemstones are durable so that you won’t see scratches across their exterior. your Jewelry

But they also happen to be the most flawed generally (except you’re a fortunate lady), so you’ll probably find imperfections or scratches inside the stone if it’s genuine. Examining diamonds&gemstones are more technical (you can get more information about it here), so you may have to transport them to Jewelry or buyer to be assayed. your Jewelry


This test is straightforward: What you need to do is hold a piece of gold jewelry in your hands for a certain amount of time. The sweat from your palm will either sour reaction with the metal and transform your skin color or leave it as it was earlier. When genuine gold is in immediate contact with your skin, Jewelry manufacturer, there is no evidence of discoloration. If the gold is not accurate, it will make your skin go blue, green, or black where the metal meets your skin.

One exclusion to this method happens when you experiment with gold on your skin when putting on a liquid foundation. If gold comes in contact with the makeup, your skin ends up turning black at the points where the metal meets it. Taking out every makeup before testing ensures the test produces dependable results. your Jewelry

your Jewelry

Otherwise, makeup can be employed when testing for gold’s Genuity. Christen your face with a liquid foundation and put powder on it. As the makeup dries up, drive the piece of Jewelry against your skin and then rub it lightly over the part of your skin atop which the makeup is spread. If the Jewelry gives a black spot on the makeup, you likely have actual gold. your Jewelry

Gold is very non-reactive, so genuine gold jewelry can never change your skin color. But trying the makeup test is a distinct way of checking whether it is real. If you find discolorations in gold jewelry, it indicates you have an alloy that has other metals infused with it. your Jewelry

Take note of letter markings

Every gold that is marked below 10k (41.7% purity) is believed to be fake.
Whoever is used to the varying levels of quality will immediately recognize the following markings: your Jewelry







You will want to avoid the above designations if you’re looking for real gold. They all indicate gold plating. In the same order, they mean: your Jewelry

-Gold Plated

-Heavy Gold Plated

-Gold Filled

-Heavy Gold Electroplated

-Gold Electroplated

-Gold Electro Plated

your Jewelry

Each marking denotes that just a tiny % of gold was used when plating a piece forged from a different type of metal to look like gold. To present to you a concept of how the higher levels of purity sit next to each other: 24k gold is 99.9 percent pure, while 18k gold is 75 percent pure. Complete 100percent pure gold has not been found mainly because pure gold is soft a lot and can’t make for a durable unit of Jewelry. your Jewelry

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